Are All Truckers Cheaters? The Myth Exposed!

This question arises quite often about if truckers are faithful or not. After noticing how serious this topic is, I thought to write an article about it after we published an article about the “Top 17 Signs Your Trucker May Be Cheating On You” to be a bit more fair to everyone.  I’ll link that article at the bottom of this one on the next page for everyone to check out.

Many truckers are 100% faithful to their significant other. This is because they know and understand how to communicate, they understand the seriousness of their relationship, they not only have a mutual understanding but a complete and monogamous relationship that is their only drive for sanity.

The ladies and gentlemen that are truck drivers, that remain loyal, faithful, and are able to maintain a monogamous relationship with their spouse are some of the best people on the planet for being marriage material.  They are gone from home for many days, are alone, yet show a capability unlike many people in many other fields of work.

Maybe this is a little bit confusing because we can go into forums, onto social media, through various avenues of communication and see the opposite being stated. To know why these negative statements are being stated, continue reading below to know the real truth!

How Are Truckers Faithful?

Many of us trucker’s drive for hours on end before we are able to take a break. When we do have the chance to take a break, most of us just want to relax and not deal with unknown people for those few little moments with peace, quiet and silence.

In today’s time of blue tooth headsets and cell phones, it’s easy to drive and talk on our hand’s free devices. Lot’s of our driving time is first occupied by driving and secondly followed by conversations with our loved ones.

We talk to our buddies, our kids, our siblings when we can. We talk to our parent(s) and maybe even our grandparent(s) if possible. Through all of these, normally we talk to our significant other the most, our wife, or our girlfriend if are not married. Most truck driver’s do not have one of each.  Instead, most truck drivers normally only have a single relationship with only one person.

During our talks with our wife, we not only provide information about where we are going, where we have been, what our daily plan for the day and night may be or has been. We also share moments of prolonged “I love you mores'” and “loving the other more than all the grains of sand on the planet” competitive conversations. All these little sweet and innocent moments shared through a phone conversation.

When these loyal truckers spend most of their time away from, the only place they would rather be at any given time, which is at home with their loved ones. I can’t remember the last time I volunteered for a week vacation somewhere that didn’t include being at home.

I’m sure I am not the only truck driver like this. Getting me to leave the house to go anywhere would be easier at times if I was a mule. Loyal and faithful truck drivers do not make excuses for anything. Those of us that are honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, considerate and all the other great things I could say are not hard to find.

Many of these truckers are single for the simple fact that more often it is believed the significant other of the trucker is cheating on the trucker while the truck driver is away from home and at work trying to make a living to support his family.

At times the truck driver’s significant other doesn’t take into consideration that the truck driver does more than just pay bills. Trucker’s have feelings too, they go above an beyond to help anyone within their circle of friends and family, they appreciate their loved one, they would do whatever they could to make anything easier for them.

Some truck drivers have been known to give their wife or girlfriend flowers more than once within the same week, only because they know that their wife has never experienced that before. Not busting my own bubble but before my wife and I were married, I gave her flowers 3 different times within one week once.

My point is, gifts are not always a cover-up scheme. They are many times, just a method used to show appreciation, love, sincereness, and thoughtfulness. Now there’s a saying going around that sounds a little like this “Why do you take your phone with you everywhere?”

Well, that could be a really good clue to something a cheater would do. Though could it also be something someone would do if they were trying to surprise you and order something online through their phone? I know it sounds ridiculous, but my point is, not everything can instantly be an automatic accusation.

Most truckers are faithful and normally, like everything in this world, we will always hear about all of the bad anythings long before we hear about a good something.

Truckers Have A Lot Of Time To Cheat!

Many people just see truckers sitting in the driver seat, trucking along the highway. It’s viewed as “he has all the time in the world to cheat”, but does a truck driver really have all the time in the world?

With all of this, let’s take a quick peek into a truck driver’s day and break down the time to see if we can spot the number of time truckers have for meeting new people to cheat as the majority of the internet likes to point out:

  • Most Truck Driver’s spend 20 plus hours a day in a semi truck out of a 24 hour day.
  • 11 of these hours is driving within a 14-hour window from the moment the truck driver started their day.
  • The average truck driver may sleep for an average of 7 – 9 hours, so let’s just average it out to 8 hours of sleep. That is currently a total of 19 hours in the truck with no ability to seek out an unknown person.
  • Now, let’s add an hour for any load or unloading of a trailer. Most truck drivers do not do both within the same day unless it’s a short haul. This put’s our calculation up to a total of 20 hours thus far.

This doesn’t include the time spent for doing a Post-Trip Inspection or a Pre-Trip Inspection that is mandated to have either one or both logged at a minimum of 8 minutes. This doesn’t include taking a shower, eating, taking a break, fueling the semi truck or using a restroom.

So what occurs during those 4 hours not mentioned? Everything I just mentioned that was not included in the calculation. If the truck driver bathes every day, at least once a day, that has to be at least 30 minutes to an hour of time. Possibly longer depending on which truck stop brand and how long the wait time to obtain the shower is.

Let us just say that’s an hour, though it should be counted more like 2 hours because normally you have to wait for at least an hour or longer. Though, we’ll leave it as just 1 hour.

Now we’re left with 3 hours. Anyone ever heard of breakfast, lunch or dinner? I’ll be honest, I eat once a day, it probably isn’t healthy but it is what I do. I also bring some of my own food with me, so my own waiting time will greatly differ when compared to someone who doesn’t bring their own meals.

It takes me 5 minutes to make a sandwich. Though when I enter the line at Wendy’s at the truck stop. From the time I left the semi truck, and entered the line, ordered my food as a “To Go”, receive my food and get back inside of my semi truck, it has already been 45 minutes. This does not include eating food. So let’s call this an hour for eating once to twice a day.

Now we are left with 2 hours. Remember, up above when I said truckers like to relax? For most truckers, when they park, they take their boots off, they maybe turn on their TV, maybe they read the news on their cell phone, but I would bet that most call their significant other before falling asleep. This entire relaxing time lasts for about an hour.

We are left with just 1 hour left to complete our full day 24 hour period of time. When I wake up, I like to take my time. It is impossible for me to wake up and be driving within 5 minutes. It’s actually illegal for me to do so.

When I parked the semi truck and trailer at night, I’m required to log a post-trip inspection. Before I can begin driving I am required to log a pre-trip inspection. One of these must take at least 8 minutes to complete as a minimum as mentioned above. I normally log 10 minutes and that’s how I’ve been doing it for 19 years.

When most people wake up including truck drivers, the idea of rushing around and go go go normally only occurs the day the truck driver knows their going to be home that day. Otherwise, I want to wake up, drink my cup of favorite iced coffee. Slowly put my boots on, brush my teeth, comb my chin. Well, most people have hair so I’m sure they want to comb their hair.

I can be ready to go in about 30 minutes if I really really need to get going. Though I prefer to take an hour if I can. Some people want to shower before they start their day. Instead of before bed. Each person has their own routine.

With this, we have accomplished the full 24 hour day.  Though keep in mind, this is a trucker’s perfect 24-hour daily clock.  These days rarely happen. A truck driver more times than not gets held up with traffic, shippers, or receivers.

This causes the 14-hour rule to come into play.  Meaning within the first consecutive 14 hours of time from first being On-Duty, a truck driver must complete as much if not all, of the 11 hours allowed driving time.  Including this idea into the chart would completely consume any extra time available as shown above.

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