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[Closed] Welcoming Everyone to the Semi Truck Driver Community  

Michael : Semi Truck Driver
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Hi, my name is Michael, I am the founder, creator, administrator to everything Semi Truck Driver related. As a brand, we strive for truth, honesty, and precise information to help you obtain the information you seek. As a semi truck driver that has been trucking since January of 2000, I fully and completely understand the day in and day out trials of being a truck driver.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to help yourself and encourage others to succeed in our trucking industry. Tell you a little about myself?

I've done a lot of different aspects of trucking, from being a driver to dispatching and a safety adviser. I've done Over The Road and Regional Driving. I've hauled some dry box, but the majority of my experience is in the automotive hauling sector, car hauling. I'm currently in the intermodal area of trucking.

I have a wife and kids and a few dogs and all the similar fun things that go along with that as most of us do. 

Welcome to Semi Truck Driver, it's time we start helping each other and be more positive with one another because our industry depends on it.

Posted : 29/09/2019 12:18 pm