How Do Truck Driver’s Entertain Themselves?

Semi Truck Driver Entertain Self While On Break

Often times people wonder what truck drivers do to entertain themselves?  The simple answer is this:

They do almost the same things you do when your off of work. Relax! Or watch movies, chit chat with other truckers that are also relaxing, but mostly they sleep to prepare for the next work day. The difference is that truck drivers have a limited amount of time to do anything on their off time.

Truck Drivers are given 10 hours as Off Duty time per full 24 hour day. During this time they must sleep for 8 hours, bathe, eat, and entertain themselves.  Once in a while, they are able to do a 34-hour restart to their logbook hours.

What this means is that for a consecutive 34 hours they must not move the semi truck, not even a fraction of a micro-inch. It’s during this timeframe that allows truckers to do a bit more than I’ve already expressed. But still, even during this lengthy amount of time in a place far from home. Relaxing is usually the prime concept.

However, there are some things that truckers do that most don’t do or are unable to do while not associated with a commercial semi truck and trailer. To find out these fun yet sometimes weird and odd entertaining activities.  You’ll have to continue reading below understand the entire spectrum of these activities!

Truckers With Extra Time Find Entertainment!

Before I get too far along, please allow me a very short minute of your time to explain how I obtained the data for this article.  First, I’m a real truck driver that has driven for almost two decades myself.

Many of the activities I am going to list are things I have done and have seen many longtime friends do who are also truck drivers for more than a decade of time.  Also, I and my buddies have seen other truck drivers do or say they have done.

So let’s start with the simplest of things a truck driver tends to do to entertain one’s self.  Back when I started driving semi trucks.  Having a flip phone meant you were pretty important.  During this era, very early 2000, having the smartphones of today wasn’t yet invented.

So many truckers would use a pay phone, or their handy dandy flip phone and chat with loved ones back home.  I can remember that I use to spend about $40.00 a week in just calling cards alone.  I did this because it was cheaper to use a calling card than it was to drop quarters into the pay phone.

As the era of time ventured through time, flip phones being the cool thing turned into Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s).  These were in black and white, very small screens.  You would try to entertain yourself by trying to play a game on it that you couldn’t really see.

The plus side is it made flip phones more affordable.  Then came out the non-flip phones and well, you know how cell phones grew over time to become what they are of today.

Many truckers in today’s time still spend a lot of time communicating with their loved ones as I mentioned above.  The difference now is that with all the different apps and video games and other things you can obtain on your cell phone.

The cell phone itself has become a major factor of entertainment.  We can watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, a wide range of different video formats that were not always available not that long ago.  And we can do so through our smartphones, Gaming Consoles, and other methods like satellite TV channels.

Though many of us truck drivers like nothing more than relaxing and resting.  There are times when getting together with your best friends and trucker buddies can make for a great time.  Even if it’s just hanging out flapping lips for about an hour or so of time and other times, maybe even longer.

Video Game Entertainment For Truckers

Back in the day, just after the flip phones died out.  Along came hotspot networks and all of these fun little wifi boosting and cell phone amplifier equipment.  I can remember back to when I spent $2,000 on a new gaming laptop just because I wanted to play Guild Wars online during the moments I was parked with nothing to do.

I’m not the only one.  I like video games, some of my friends like video games, even some people I have met randomly in a truck stop restaurant like video games.  Some truck drivers play all sorts of video games now because of this ability to connect to the internet wirelessly.

On top of this, it’s not only through laptop computers any more.  There are truck drivers that bring their tv, a PlayStation or maybe a Nintendo just because it helps them pass their downtime.  Some are a bit old school and love nothing more than to rock out the old Zelda or Mario Bros.

Others that are in the gaming sphere of things prefer Xbox 1 and other newer consols.  Where they play fast-paced first-person shooter games like Call of Duty or maybe Fortnite. Those are the types of games I like.

Just because I like them, doesn’t mean other truckers don’t like hunting games, Simulation type games like Sims or Tycoon.  Video game consols also provide another ability for truckers which is the ability to bring movies and be able to watch them.

Before video game consols, truckers would have to bring a VHS device, a box full of large videotapes with there favorite movies and try to figure out where to store them till they wanted to watch them.  During this timeframe, there was no flat screen tv.

Instead, these were regular TV’s and having a 15″ was a feat within itself.  Before flatscreen TV’s, these televisions were made solid and heavy.  Anything bigger and you may need a friend or someone to help you lift it up into the truck.

Then, once you got it up into the truck, you would have to figure out where or how you where you were going to place it due to its massive size.  Once DVD’s came available and flat screen tv’s, it made making storage space so much easier.

If a truck driver didn’t have a video gaming console then they would have a little DVD player to hook up to there TV.

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