How Do Truck Driver’s Entertain Themselves?

Semi Truck Driver Entertain Self While On Break

I’m Bored, Truckers Entertain Each Other By Arguing!

Once in a while, you turn the old CB Radio on and hear someone on the CB Radio talking for the sole purpose of trying to pass some time.  Many times, these live air conversations start out pleasant, nice and sincere.

Truckers talk about everything you could imagine plus a whole lot more than you most likely wouldn’t imagine.  Philosophy, laws pertaining to anything and everything, scientific decoding of DNA, brain surgery, politics, religion, and even how the trucker over there is walking across the parking lot while wearing cowboy boots and daisy duke shorts.

Yes, you read that correctly.

There are many more things that are talked about.  The most common is usually about which brand of a semi truck is better than the other.  Or which brand of a diesel engine or brand of transmission is superior.

Sometimes though, you get the opportunity to let off a little steam from the day of driving, from being cut off by other vehicles countless times.  If your lucky, you’ll get a chance to take part in a flame war of sorts.

Someone will key down on the microphone (press the button to talk on the CB microphone) and they will say something stupid that deserves a response.  For example, I have heard a guy say “I got my red panties on, I got my lunch made, and I’m ready to go to bed.” This is a recording that would play once every 5 minutes or so.

But when you hear it for the very first time, you don’t know that. I’m not going to say the area I use to hear this repeat for miles on end.  But those that have been around trucking for a couple of minutes know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyways, this phrase itself will spark someone else to comment.  The usual response you’ll hear is “Shut up stupid.”  Now keep in mind there is more than a few people always listening. No one know’s who is talking to who.  So the only polite thing to do is respond to that response with a “Who are you calling stupid?”

This response opens the door for an argument.  Usually, that’s exactly what it becomes.  Many times these arguments appear vicious and extremely serious with cut downs and anything else you could think of.

Along the way of the argument at some point, you will hear someone laugh, or make a joke and you can tell that they are just poking a little fun.  At times others will jump in and it will become an all out name calling marathon.  I and my best friend have witnessed these continue for over 5 hours.

I’ve taken part in some of these flame wars to help past the time.  I’ve sat and ate dinner with some of the truckers I’ve argued with and everything was fine the conversation turned to normal chit chat by the time we sat down to eat.

House Keeping As Entertainment For Truckers, Say What?

I have sat at a truck stop, and people watched another truck driver hand wash his clothes for an hour.  Then he hung them on the underside of his trailer to dry.  While I watched this truck driver do his laundry, I also watched another trucker toss bags of garbage out of his truck for about 20 minutes.

While I was watching these two truck drivers, it made me think to myself about if I have anything I need to wash or throw away since I had an excessive amount of extra time that day while forced to sit for a day and a half.

When you’re traveling down the road in a semi truck, many times you have a garbage bag somewhere, I normally always have one hanging off the passenger seat armrest.  Sometimes when you go to throw away a wrapper or something, it doesn’t always end up where you would like it to.

Once you start cleaning up a little, you then realize that the inside of the windows could use a cleaning.  After you have accomplished that you glance down at the dashboard and see that your dashboard needs to be dusted.

After you dusted your dashboard off, you look on the floor and think to yourself, maybe I need to sweep the floor too while I’m at it.  So that’s what you do. You do this for a few different reasons. First to keep clean but second its better to do when you have the time then when you don’t have the time.

Also, it is something that keeps your mind off of the time.  Since being bored makes time take forever to pass.  Anything that takes away boredom while being inside of a semi truck makes being inside the semi-truck more tolerable.

After you have all of this accomplished. Washing your clothes either like that trucker that I watched or going inside of the truck stop and using the quarter slot washing and drying machine also helps entertain the trucker to a degree.

That degree being once you enter the laundry room if there are other truckers there also washing their clothes.  The ability to communicate with a face in person is better than through a CB Radio. Plus you’ll have clean socks when the entertainment ends.

Now if there is no one to talk to.  You can go have dinner between cycles.  Many times you may find a pool table or arcade games.  Other times, you sit and wait for your laundry to be done while you read or draw or write an article like this one.

Watching A Dirty Semi Truck Become A Sparkly Clean Semi Truck Is Entertaining!

Many people like to people watch, including truck drivers.  The most fascinating thing to watch while people watching, is other people working.  This within itself is similar to an oxymoron type of viewpoint.

I’ll explain.  On one hand, you have a truck driver that likes to people watch, and watch people working.  On the other hand, you may also like to argue.  So how do you take care of this desire you have burning within yourself?  Easy, you get a truck wash.

This may appear or sound silly.  But I have witnessed nice people that are truck drivers, get a truck wash, just so they can complain about which spots need rewashing while hoping it will draw them deeper into some form of argument to better help pass their time.

It sounds ridiculous.  But until you have gotten a truck wash and asked: “So, you guys don’t wash fuel tanks anymore?”  You have no idea what I’m talking about, and you’re missing out on some serious fun.  Now I myself, I have never gotten rude with anyone doing anything to a semi truck I am driving.

Instead, I’ll poke a little fun, all parties normally laugh.  This is not the case for everyone.  Some truckers really just want to argue about one thing or another.  This becomes evident once you are near other truckers also waiting for their semi trucks to finish being washed by the truck wash.

Not all truckers are this way, I wouldn’t even say 10 % are.  But that special 1 % they know who they are, and you will too as soon as you hear “Hey, why are you standing so close to my truck?!?”

Vacation Can’t Be Entertaining When A Trucker Can’t Access The Vacation!

Many times people think something along the lines of “Since you are a trucker, you must get to visit some really amazing places!”  Ah, actually, truckers normally get to see from a distance or hear about some really amazing places.

In all of my driving, I have done.  I can honestly say that there has been maybe a few dozen times total that I have been able to do something fun or amazing outside of the semi truck in a different area while sitting in some random area as a truck driver.

With companies of today like Uber, Lyft and we still have taxies.  Though there are no taxies in every place of everywhere in the USA.  The majority of my ability to find entertaining things to do were all prior to having the conveniences of companies like Uber.

One time myself and a few other truckers pooled some money together and we were able to rent a charter boat for the day and do a bit of ocean fishing outside of Tampa FL.  Other times give forth the ability to say that when I was younger, about 15 years younger, I have partied in practically every major city in the 48 connected United States.

I have been to Mexico as a tourist.  I have been able to fish in a handful of places that most wouldn’t be able to since most people have to either plan for such things or are not from the specific areas to do so.

But with all of this, what we are really talking about is me versus the majority of truckers.  The majority of truck drivers try to find ways to park their semi truck.  Many times if they are not able to park the semi truck near where the entertainment is taking place.

There’s a good chance that because of this alone, this will discourage or restrict the ability of the trucker to actually take part in the entertainment no matter what it may be.

Even many camping sites are too small for a semi truck with a trailer.  They appear big, but some of the turns within camping sites just make it to dangerous for a trucker to attempt.  Why attempt a possibly dangerous situation if you don’t have to?

If there were more vacationing places that were semi-truck parking friendly, I know with zero doubt that truckers would then have a better ability to enjoy additional entertainment.

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If you have ever wanted to thank a truck driver but you didn’t know how to, this is the very best way to do so.  Simply turn on your flashers or 4-ways whichever you choose to call them. Let them flash twice, then turn them off. Blink – blink, this is the same as Thank – You.

Why Do Truck Driver’s Idle Their Semi Trucks?

Idling a diesel engine in a semi truck is normally for a few different things.  If it is in the middle of winter and it is very very cold outside. Idleing the diesel engine helps keep it warm so that cracking the engine block upon starting isn’t as great as a possibility.

Another couple of reasons is for driver comfort.  In the winter truckers like to feel warmth, so they leave the truck idling with the heater on.  In the summer when it is hot, the very same is true for the trucker wanting to run the air-conditioning.

However, in today’s time. An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is becoming more popular and less expensive.  Having an APU on a semi truck will help provide heat, air conditioning and be less wear and tear on the engine components of the diesel engine.


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