How To Find Trucking Industry Information?

Do you feel finding Trucking Industry Information to be somewhat difficult?  Let me tell you, sometimes it’s really difficult to find anything trucking related and many other times it seem so easy that you feel something is a bit off.

There are an enormous amount of blogs, websites, videos, and etc, to help you find information you’re looking for. Utilizing search engines will greatly help.  So will asking Truck Drivers in person, on a CB Radio, co-employees, etc, are all vital ways of finding quick and easy information on Trucking.

Continue reading below to find more ways that will help you find additional information on Trucking and the enormous amount of areas relating to it.

Starting The Search For Trucking Industry Information

You can find a lot of trucking information on things like Feedspot. They go over the numerous different trucking blogs, (click on Trucking Blogs or Trucking YouTube channels to be taken to the appropriate area of Feedspot that you’re interested in.)  Lot’s of variation of topics and helpful information is provided within this website’s Top 100 categories for truck drivers or just trucking in general. 

This website and our YouTube Channel, Michael : Semi Truck Driver are both featured within the Top 100 of Feedspot’s blogs and Top 50 of YouTube Channels for trucking information.

Having an ability to use a search engine will help bring you to a sea of possibilities. Even here on Semi Truck Driver .com there is a lot of extremely helpful information.  Though there is no possible way any individual entity could ever cover everything trucking related.

Being so, at times you’ll see that some blogs, or websites tend to offer information on similar topics. Many times each will have their own viewpoints.  Some blogs or websites at times may provide inaccurate information, while others provide so much detail you feel you have obtained years of experience by being informed by the content.  Make sure you’re aware of this, and judge for yourself.

After researching your topic, and if you see that your topic generally is going in a particular direction from those providing the information. You can pretty much guess that to be the close to accurate details of the topic.

The Most Searched After Trucking Info Is Pay

The main reason people search anything related to truck driving or being a trucker is to understand if truck drivers make good money or not.  In many cases, and depending on what you consider “good money”, the majority of people searching, are doing so for this reason.  Yet many understand that each area of the trucking industry may pay more or less.

In addition to this, sometimes people are wondering if certain areas of trucking make more or less money that others.  As a quick tip, I’ll tell you this right here, right now, right up front.  Normally, the more hands on the truck driver is to the freight, and or the more dangerous the freight is or can be.  The more money the truck driver can make from that particular area of the trucking industry.

This area of the search is saturated with thousands of results awaiting to inform you on how much truck drivers make.  Just keep in mind, a lot of times the numbers represented are based off of normal, regular truck driving.  You may have to dig a little deeper to find information about something like, “How Money Does A Truck Driver Hauling A Nascar Make?”

You’re better off checking locations like Indeed, or anything that offers financial information of an average basis unless you’re looking to be more specific.

Looking For A Weather Forecast For Dangerous Conditions?

Having this type of information readily available or handy as a professional semi truck driver can be vitally important.  Here on Semi Truck Driver, we have a page called Trucker Resources that helps you find information multiple different things including weather forecasting. Just click this  link to be taken to it.

Going to news stations for the local weather can be a difficult task to find. On our page mentioned previously you will also find individual states listed as well. Be sure to book mark this page since we add information to it often. This is separated between states that have a 511 call center and those states that do not.

How Do I Find Information To Fix My Semi Truck?

This search can be somewhat tricky at times if you do not know where to look.  There are several sites you could go to starting with Reddit, you could also go to YouTube as well.  To be honest, myself, I know how to fix basically the minor things.  When the mechanical issues gets into detailed topics, I’m normally better off having someone do the repair for me.

When this occurs, first I go to YouTube, do my search of how to fix whichever or whatever the issue is. If that appears beyond my skill level. Then I ask any of my friends.  If at that point it appears beyond their skill levels as well.  Well then, off to the shop I go. Though before arriving a repair shop.  You could say that I shop around to try and find the best deal or at least the least time consuming end result.

Do You Need Advice On Being A Safe Truck Driver?

Between Semi Truck Driver website, and a few others.  There are actually a whole heck of a lot more sites out there that also provide information on this topic. Even on YouTube you will find a lot of information about how to be a safe truck driver, or safe trucking tips and things of this nature.

The difference between these many possibilities is, some obtain advice from reputable people because they lack the experience, or they ask other truck drivers, some have more than enough experience to provide the needed advice and others honestly give bad advice. Now this isn’t the case for all so please do not take it this way.

All I’m suggesting is that you understand there are variations and that can be seen with experience levels.


Where To Go To Trucking School Information?

Finding information on which trucking school to attend can be easy if you know what you wanting as a end goal.  Though if you not aware, there are 2 different avenues you can take on this question.  First you have to determine if your wanting to train local or if traveling does or not bother you.

After you have figured this out, we move onto the next area of this topic. If you must be close to home, then finding a trucking school in your area is going to be very important.

If that is not the case, then we can look at this from a different angle. That angle being, do you want to be pre-hired first before obtaining license, or do you want to be see what companies have to offer while or after your basic training?  Once these questions can be answered by you we can move forward.

There are a handful of trucking companies that will pre-hire you prior to you obtaining your licensing that allows you to legally drive a semi truck. Keep in mind though this is based off the idea that you will never fail any testing. And if by chance you do, that you may still be eligible to retest so to speak till you can pass.

With this, you normally will find your requested to sign a contract to work for this type of company for anywhere from a year to I think a maximum of two years.  After the contractual agreement dates have been exceeded, you then at that time will be free to work for anyone you wish if you choose to change employers.

The other side of this area is that if you quit, or are fired from the employment that you signed a contract with prior to the term of the contract end date. You could be liable for the entire cost of training.

Now with trucking schools where recruiters come in and give you a load of, well let’s just call it stuff or information. You most likely may be making monthly payments, or obtained a loan to attend the trucking school.  With this you are not yet pre-hired anywhere, so you would still have to submit applications.

Many times those in that attend trucking school go to a trucking company that hires new truck drivers. After the hiring phase, they still at times drive with a driving trainer for a number of days, or weeks.

With most ways of obtaining employment as a Truck Driver, your initial employment starts as you being on a probation status. The same would hold true for myself if I started at a company right now as a new hire. The only difference between you and I is that I would not be required to drive with a driving trainer because of my experience history.

Normally anyone with less than a couple months of truck driving history, may at times find themselves being included in being with a driver trainer in the beginning of their employment with most mega careers.

If you need more information that list, a quick and easy search for your area or for whichever type of trucking your interested in, followed by school or training will provide you with an array of choices to choose from.

Conclusion Of Finding Trucking Information

Keep this next statement in mind.  Anyone who is a Professional Semi Truck Driver, has learned most of the things they know, by another truck driver doing them a favor, and providing the information to them for free.  Once the information is obtained, the best way to pay it back is by paying it forward, freely.

Anyone that charges you for advice, for help with information, you should honestly first see if this is a topic that is normally charged money for. Though my guess is going to be most likely not.  I say this because, outside of paying for things like CDL testing, obtaining license, etc, type of things.  I have never in my entire career in Truck Driving ever paid a single cent for a single anything.  All I’ve ever done, is pay the information forward. And to be honest, I’m not the only Truck Driver that does things in this manner.

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