Special Thanks To These Amazing Truckers!

Introduction To Thanking These Truckers!

At times being a truck driver is very different from many of the other occupations that someone could try to become.  If you work in a factory, most of the time the only things you see are the same things day in and day out.

Though as a truck driver, this can be different to an extent depending on where you transport goods or freight to and what type of trucking you take part in.  This category, “Thank – A – Trucker”, is meant more so for the general public and others to thank truckers for helping with something, or doing a great deed, or something of this type.

However, once in a while there comes a time when someone or something may help another person or entity in a larger aspect than one could believe.

I started driving a semi truck January of 2000.  Over the years, I’ve taken pictures with disposable camera’s,  cell phones as they evolved the ability to create better-photographed imagery.  To only have lost all of these photos due to time and my inability to realize at those times that I needed to save everything.

Over the past few months, I have scrambled trying to find photo’s that I could use here at semitruckdriver dot com.  I do have many pictures of my own, though as a website owner, you like having options when it comes to the imagery that is being used.

Photographed by Big Truck Pictures

Let’s Start With Thanking:

“Big Truck Pictures”!

I found Big Truck Pictures on facebook a couple of months or so ago by just randomly searching around facebook.  Upon finding this profile, I was quickly drawn to the enormous amount of pictures on display.  At first, I thought “hmmm, I wonder if this person really took all of these photo’s?”

So I contacted them.

In my original message, I basically asked if I could use their pictures that they have taken, to be used on this website.  I gave a brief description of this website, provided the URL in case they wanted to investigate a bit for themselves before responding.

Upon my amazement, I was told that they would be honored to have their pictures used to help others.  Big Truck Pictures takes photos of semi trucks found on the road, in truck stops and a various number of places day to day.

I want to thank Big Truck Pictures for allowing SemiTruckDriver.com to have access to and use their wonderful pictures.

A Thank You Headed Out:

“To Eastbound And Down!”

Some of the people I have been able to chat with have also been a member of a facebook group called “East Bound And Down: The Truckers Facebook Group”. This is another friendly group of people where some of the photographers I have spoken with were originally communicated with.

I have chatted with a few of the group members from this group.  I can honestly say, these guys and gals are also pretty helpful.

Thank You, everyone, in “East Bound And Down: The Truckers Facebook Group”!

Photographed by Mr. Jayroe

Thank You,

Mr. And Mrs. Jayroe!

I found this happily married couple in a similar manner.  Though the difference is that I saw a photo that was posted and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  So I contacted the poster of the pic and simply asked if I could use it.

The Mrs originally told me that she needed to speak with her husband first so being a trucker myself I completely understand.  I don’t normally talk directly to ladies about anything being I’m married to a wonderful woman as well.

So I waited, and to my surprise, I received a very quick response that I could use that and a few other photographs as well.  All I would ever have to do is just ask.  Which is great, to say the least.

So to Mr. And Mrs. Jayroe, Thank you very much for allowing us access to your photographs!

Thank You “Ask A Truck Driver”!

This is the first group for truck driving I have ever joined on any social media platform.  At first, I joined thinking with the amount of experience I have, maybe I could help some people.  This group is full of friendly and helpful people.

The group members are fun, have a wide range of experience from a wide range of trucking-related topics.  When I asked if I could do some polls, to help me gain some data, these guys and gals were quick to respond with yes, yes and did I mention yes?

Some other groups I am a member of that I will not name here have also helped, but in some of those cases, the simplicity was bypassed with some much needed better understanding of direct communication.

All in all “Ask A Truck Driver” has helped me laugh, smile, help others and be helped more than I could have ever asked for in today’s time of the busy go go go.

So again, a BIG THANK YOU  to everyone in “Ask a Truck Driver”!

Photographed by Casey Meyer

Thank You Casey Meyer!

This is a very interesting story about Casey Meyer and the photograph he allowed me to have access to.  Before I get into that, I met Casey the same as others are listed here.  Facebook is a great place to socialize from time to time.

Casey had this photo of a hat, just sitting on a dashboard.  For some reason, for the first few days, I just kept going back to this hat picture.  At first, I thought maybe I was just being overly something in other.  Though the more I viewed this picture, the more I liked it.

Now, this hat isn’t just some ordinary hat.  I’ll get into that in a minute.  So I contacted Mr. Meyer asking if I could use this picture for this website.  Some times passed, you know us truck drivers are busy and driving while not distracted is safety priority number one.

So I happily waited for a response.  Then one day he responded with sure that would be great and all he asks is that I provide credit.  To me providing credit is never an issue.

Now I’ve had this picture for a while, and I can’t seem to find a great way to use it because of what it stands for.  Till now, during this writing.

The picture that I am referring to is the featured image of this article. The cowboy hat that is resting on the dashboard was that of another truck driver.  That truck driver being Casey Meyer’s dad.  His dad was also a truck driver as well.

Sometimes it’s just that one thing that to the outside world appears so small.  But when you are willing to take a minute to understand.  You begin to see the much larger, bigger aspect of what this picture really means to someone, especially Mr. Casey Meyer.

Thanks again Casey, I greatly appreciate you sharing the story behind the Cowboy Hat in this photo!


Big Truck Pictures, Mr. Jayroe, Casey Meyer, the groups of people that have helped along the way and I are all truck drivers. Many of us in our spare time try to share what we see with our significant other, who is normally back home.  We want to help them imagine the sights that we see. What’s better than doing this with a photograph?

Nothing really, a photograph is usually the easiest and quickest way so this itself makes it the best way.  However, many times we don’t realize just how amazing a photo is til a little later.

Sometimes knowing the story behind something helps bring the photo to a better understanding as well.  That story at times can help others with a deeper cause towards a positive outlook.  Many times I hear all kinds of stories in truck stops.

Though the ones I remember, are usually the ones that have the most positive outcome.  Additionally, even though someone may not take photo’s of where they were, have gone, are going.  We can still find helpful information through the experiences of others.

It’s these life lessons of experiences that have helped each of us over time become a better Professional Semi Truck Driver.

As a little disclaimer. Any time a photo is displayed, that has not been captured by someone directly with SemiTruckDriver.com a caption is provided to give credit to the photographer of the image.


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