The Trucker That Survived The W900

From time to time many of us truckers follow other truck drivers more so than just on the roadways and highways of America. Many of us also follow these 18 wheelers on different platforms and social media.

Today, I am not going to talk about myself  or any of my additional Semi Truck Driver branded platforms. Instead, we are going to introduce you to a gentlemen that was able to help many of our fellow and fella truck drivers. This gentlemen was one of the first truck drivers to report on a possible issue with some W900’s.  This possible issue, is something that could cause you to go from having a regular day, to being a day that you family regrets forever.

Continue reading below to know all the extra insights and what exactly this particular issue was with the alleged W900.

Introducing Marc Anthony Storm

First, let me introduce this gentlemen.  You may of seen him on YouTube, or many other social platforms. His name is Marc Anthony Storm, and he wants you to follow his Storm.  He’s been creating YouTube videos about trucking for just over a year and a half from the time of this article.

Many of his trucking related videos hone in on some key elements. Take for example this picture from one of his more popular videos.

semi truck driver marc anthony storm
Picture captured from footage created by Marc Anthony Storm.

Within the picture you can see that the hose is beginning to be worn away by something.  Marc Anthony Storm, caught this issue occurring  through inspecting his equipment often.

This is caused by simply turning a corner in your W900 semi truck.  You will have to watch the entire video to get a better understanding of how you can catch this issue on your W900.  Catching it sooner rather than later will save your life.  I’ll place the video down at the bottom of this article.


Marc Anthony And Life

In addition to being a truck driver.  Marc also has a passion for Photography and Videography.  Now there are a lot of truck drivers out here that have a good number of additional skills and talents outside of truck driving.  I could name a few that would fit perfectly within what I am about to say next.

However, this article is about Marc and what he has done to help the trucking community.  Marc has a talent when it comes to being a Videographer.  As it is greatly shown in one of his video’s titled “2019 Kenworth W900 Studio Sleeper Second Look”. Click here to be taken to the video that is published on YouTube.

Outside of this, Marc enjoys spending home time with his family. He takes the extra time out of his day to do live video feeds to help those that follow him. At times he also brings forth what he has learned through his day, or what changed his day for the better. He then expresses this to his community of “Storm Chasers”, in the idea that in some way, could help them as well.

As Marc would say, he appreciates everyone, for a lot of many different things. From people just being safe on the roadways, to those loyal fans that can’t get enough of his videos and social media platforms.  All in all, he’s just trying to help out the trucking community as many of us are.

Understanding The Perspective Of Marc Anthony Storm

Marc at times looks at things similar to myself. However, Marc goes at a different angle to the topic from time to time than myself. For example, Marc has a video up regarding being stuck in a dock at a customer for about 8 hours of time.  Rather than focusing so much on the all of the negative that could go with such a situation.

He addresses the situation, and finds a solution. He provides his opinion in a professional manner, then he provides what he feels is his solution.  All of this I completely agree with and to be honest, he is absolutely right. Myself, I would provide a bit more details regarding communication with office or broker, but I can not discredit this man for anything to be honest. Really, I can not.

Many times in many of his videos, similar to others that are also Semi Trucker Drivers on YouTube. Everyone does their best, to provide you the viewer the best possible free information possible for that video’s given topic. Through a lot of this information, Marc provides a insight to information that is informative, yet he also includes updates to anything that has changed based on what he may of stated in previous videos.

He does this with a positive outlook. He doesn’t blame anyone for anything, instead he tries to make the best of the situation. As many of us truck driver’s do, he also does it with a smile.

The Last Haul Of This Article

Providing all of the information I have gained from Marc, and researching through his videos and social media platforms. I can say this one thing about Marc that many do not do on YouTube. Marc invites you into his personal life, and he does this with an enormous number of ways through the footage he captures.

He shows you his home life, even if its just him and his significant other in the driveway washing their vehicles, or if he’s playing with his dog. It’s easy to see why people follow him as loyal fans.

As like many semi truck drivers that roam across our nation day after day. Marc and his W900 doesn’t want daily complications or hectic traffic or traffic jams. Every trucker wants pretty much the same things. Honesty, truth, and you being a good neighbor.

A good neighbor when you see any of us in public, a good neighbor when we’re home for home time, and you being a good neighbor when we’re traveling across the roadways of our country.

As promised, here is the link to the video from the very above of this article.  Be sure to check it out, subscribe to Marc’s YouTube Channel by clicking here, and be safe.


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