Top 12 Exposing Cheating Trucker Wife Tips – #7 Sound Familiar?

If your significant other is displaying any odd behaviors or is acting like someone you do not know.  Maybe doing things or is interested in things that you find odd or strange.  Maybe this means it’s time to pay a bit more attention.

Understanding that any gender is capable and able to cheat is the first step in the current age of times.  As a truck driver, being away for as long as we are, weeks maybe even months in some cases.  It wouldn’t be hard for anyone to cheat on a truck driver.

If you feel you’re being cheated on, read these ________ exposing tips of women that cheat on truck drivers.  To help you gain some insight and protect yourself, your heart, and your humanity before it’s too late!

Truckers wife phone low battery#1 Sorry Trucker My Phone Needs Go Go Juice!

Ever call your significant other while trucking down the highway but have been unable to reach them for hours or most of the day? Then when they finally return your phone call, voicemails, and texts that you sent while you were taking a break. They say to you “Oh, I’m sorry, my phone died earlier today and I just haven’t had time to charge it.

What is odd is that in the world of today, not too many people go most of the day without recharging their cell phone. In fact, The Huffpost did research that proved that 51% of women feel they can’t live without their cell phone.

But “Oh, I’m sorry, that your phone was silenced off and basically they were ignoring the phone calls made to them from you” is most likely a better reality or truth. The real question here is: Why did this person ignore your attempts to contact them?

#2 What’s Your 20 Trucker Hubby?

Many times people want to know where their loved ones are at for many different reasons.  Some of these reasons could be for good reason. Like in an article I wrote called How To NOT Become A Missing Trucker that explains in great depth how to be safe while traveling.

Though some times, this theory of needing to know where you are at, at all times of the day and night can start to feel weird or odd. In addition to this, there may be alternative motives behind the reasons your being asked this question.

It can be good to have a Global Positioning System (GPS) on your smartphone. But only if this GPS is put on both people’s devices so that both people can have an understanding of where each other is at all times. It shouldn’t be a one-way street.

If this went from being a great idea for you to have but now a bad idea for them to have. The reason behind most of this is that someone doesn’t want to get caught doing something, being somewhere, that they don’t want you to know about.

#3 Truck Driver, What’s Your Handle?

Basically, being called a name that is not your name can be really confusing. Once this name that is not yours is spoken, we will quickly see how that person tries to cover up what they stated. Now if you like being called “Put Random Kinky Name Here or Someone Else’s Name Here” then, by all means, let the good times roll.

But what if your name is Robert, and your spouse just called you David? Opps. Now I could understand if your name was Michael and your being called Mike, or if your name was Robert and your being called Bob, or something of this nature.

Kevin sounds nothing like James. Just like Mary sounds nothing like Belle.

This occurs for a couple of reasons. The first is that your spouse is fascinated by someone with the name they stated. The second reason is that fantasy isn’t really a fantasy. It’s really a reality.

The reality is that this person wants, is desiring, wishes to be with, or has been with the person that was named by accident. This is proven with another article on The Huffpost about the psychology behind name slipping.

#4 Smile Truck Driver!

A really easy way to see how someone adores someone else is by looking at their social media accounts. Many times people want to boast and show off their spouses, loved ones and etc. through these platforms.  But what is the reason when there used to be photo’s of you there, but now there are none?

If you didn’t request to be removed from your spouse’s social media.  And if you haven’t vanished off the face of the planet. Then maybe your spouse is secretly on the lookout for someone else in addition to you. Meaning they don’t want someone to know about you.

Or it could be that she wants to appear available and single. Or maybe its because the cloud of uploads is full and there is no more room for her to share the photo uploads of the baby rocks that were born in the front yard?

Truckers cheating wife#5 Your Trucker Wife Became Extra Kinky!

Many couples after some length of time together find their sexual encounters with their spouse to become in a very similar sequence of things from start to finish. Once in a great while, maybe something new will get thrown into the mix of things by the ideas of both people communicating.

Though what if at one point in time your spouse didn’t want to do a certain thing a certain way. But now they do? What has inspired this new event of things along with other new things in the bedroom?

Well, that new inspiration could be someone else, desiring these new acts.  This new inspiration could also be that someone else is teaching your spouse these new kinkier acts and things. While it may seem like a new fun light of kinky has entered your bedroom.

Reality is that your spouse could have been with someone else. But hey, maybe this is all wrong and your wife suddenly starting watching adult-rated movies to gain some insight into things because she really wanted to surprise you so she has studied 800 hours of movies just for you.

#6 Not A Trucker Route!

When we’re traveling through the mole holes of the internet, especially when we are trying to use a device that is owned by someone else, like a spouse. Many times everyone knows each other’s passwords and crazy finger swiping directions and etc.

But now they are changed. All hope for access is denied. This is now inaccessible for you Truck Driver. Passwords and things of this nature are usually changed because maybe there is some identity theft occurring. So maybe someone is being precautious. Hopefully, this was a conversation that occurred with you and your spouse mistakenly forgot to tell you about the new passwords.

Or maybe there is something on the device(s) your spouse doesn’t want you to see. Maybe there are texts and photos or social media photos and emails and what is really happening. Maybe your spouse is purposely trying to hide some very secretive things from you.

A good way to determine if this is really happening this way. Is to politely ask your spouse to provide you with access. If this is done immediately with no hesitation, then hopefully your spouse isn’t hoping your not smart enough to find what is hidden.

Or if this request is simply denied, with excuses for one reason or another.  Maybe even causes your spouse to become angry. Then that itself should show you multiple red flags.

#7 Truck Driver Have You Ever Heard Of Crotch Pheasants?

Sometimes people really can’t obtain a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI) from sitting on a toilet. That old story of contracting an STD or STI from toilet water, sitting on a toilet, and etc. could occur.

It really could if they were doing the kinky while in the bathroom with someone else, on the sink, on the toilet seat, on the bathroom floor, or up against the bathroom door next to the toilet at the exact same time contact between your spouse and the toilet water erupting like a volcano out of the toilet.

WebMd wrote an article based on data, proving this impossibility. When a person contracts an STD or STI it is most likely from having contact with someone that has the particular STD or STI in question.

The greatest piece of information from all across the internet is that there has never been any proven evidence that any person has ever obtained an STD or STI from just sitting on a toilet.

Hmm, never… That’s pretty interesting.

#8 Does Your Trucker Wife Have A Cousin Named Phil?

Maybe your spouse has a new to you cousin, that is named Robert, Richard, John or Phil.  Even if we look outside the puns within these names. Many times the idea of “I’ll just tell my husband you are my cousin and it should be no problem for you to stay at our house while he’s away trucking” is the thought process behind this scheme.

Anytime a new unknown person is introduced out of the blue. There’s either a new friendship created, or there is a known reason why this person was never spoken of before. Especially if some time has passed during your relationship and you are, however much time later, just now learning about this person.

People like to be with those they have the greatest friendships with. The loved ones that they feel they are close to. These are the people most new couples share and introduce with one another from the beginning of the relationship.

At times it may take hours or days and maybe even a couple of weeks to learn about all of these different close friendships with your new girlfriend or boyfriend. After this time frame, any new people that have never been spoken of, are they really old friends or something else?

The question of why was this person never spoken of before and where did this new cousin come from should linger. Another good quote used by ladies that like to cheat on truck drivers is, “This is my friend Hank, he is gay so you have nothing to worry about.” Or “Hey, I’m going to go hang out with Amanda tonight”.. Listen very carefully, Amanda.. You know what they are meaning? A man duh, yeah, seriously the same thing, no joke.

This is a very interesting statement only because I’m curious to know why I have nothing to worry about if I didn’t state being worried about anything. Now if I met Hank, if he truly liked guys and only guys, so be it. I have also met some guys that even though they love guys they also love ladies.

So be cautious anytime a new cousin or some new friend appears out of thin air for some odd reason.

Verbal Warning From Truckers Wife#9 Truck Driver Is Your Wife Giving You A Verbal Warning?

A lot of times when someone is accusing the other person in the relationship of cheating. It is normally the person that is making the accusations that are actually cheating.

This is done as a defensive mechanism that is known as “Projection” many psychologists like those spoken with by Heathline provide an understanding of what Projection really is.

This is why someone who is cheating, accuses their spouse of cheating. They know they are doing something that will make you feel broken hearted. Though to bypass the feelings of guilt they may have, projecting this onto you is easier for them to deal with.

#10 Your Trucker Wife’s Friends Are Being Strange!

Usually when we are around a group of people and have had the opportunity to be around them a handful of times to understand what is normal. We get an understanding of what is the regular routine of things.

Over time we know who likes to talk about what and why we also get to know these additional people. Though when they know something that nobody wants you to know about, more specifically, your wife doesn’t want you to know.

The best question for this is: Why would your wife not want her friends to tell you whatever is causing this weird behavior by many of them? Maybe in the near future your going to have a birthday so their all coordinating a surprise birthday party for you.

Or maybe they all know that two nights ago over the weekend, while you were trucking home. Your wife couldn’t answer your phone call not because she lost her phone, but because your wife was over at some other guy’s house working out the springs in his box spring mattress.

If we pay close attention to our surrounds we can quickly obtain unspoken information.  People when trying to protect someone will act differently than if everything is just a normal any-day scenario.

#11 Trucker Wife Maxing Out 14 Hour Log Book!

Us truck drivers have a long day more often than not. Outside of trucking, there is not an abundance of occupational industries that put in more time day in and day out on a regular basis. Many other occupations may do anywhere from 8 hours to 10 hours a day.

There are a few that will randomly have its employee’s do a 12 hour day. But when was the last time your wife’s work schedule was similar to how it is currently? If it has changed, was this communicated, have you communicated with her while she was at work?

If these basic questions have been communicated and you feel it’s okay, there’s nothing to worry about. Though what if your wife got this new job a while ago and she told you she was unable to ever work overtime because they do not provide overtime.

Now 6 months later into her career at this un-overtime job, she randomly is being asked to work overtime? Or maybe this overtime is not on the books, but something else. Like for example, a date with a co-worker.

Many times, people who cheat do so with people they are around often. Where this becomes evident is if she starts talking about a particular person more often. Maybe your wife comments on this person’s jokes, what they did while at work that your wife thought was hilarious.

What someone wore to work, what someone thinks of someone else at work, there’s a lot of ideas that could go into this to help think about who is your wife really thinking about while you’re trying to communicate with her.

At some points, it has been proven to a small degree that even people that someone may talk negatively about often, could, in fact, be the individual your wife is interested in, or possibly more than “interested in.” This all plays along with the same areas of “How much are they being talked about good or bad.”

So keep ya ears open and ya eyes on the road, you could very well catch on to these facts quickly if you pay attention to your spouse or significant other.

#12 You Got A Copy On That Truck Driver?

When we pay attention to everything as an overall understanding is when we can begin to better understand what is really going on and what is really not going on. Each and every individual is different, just as every relationship is different. If you know your spouse or significant other from years of paying attention, yet now things are a bit different or not familiar.

The best advice or suggestion anyone could say to you, would be to communicate, ask questions in a sincere manner. Usually when something is asked in a not so friendly way nothing is ever accomplished because all parties involved start from the offensive or defensive side of things.

So long as your attentive throughout all of this, maybe even take notes. You’ll quickly start to catch onto what is and not really occurring.

Till next time, keep the dirty side down, the shiny side up and we’ll catch ya on the flip flop. Be safe.

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