Top 17 Signs Your Trucker Is Cheating On You!

Truckers Cheating Habits!

While I may list some of the common signs of a cheating spouse there are always endless possibilities out there that your spouse may display signs different than provided here.

Also keep in mind that some of these signs may be what we consider typical of a cheater, but that does not mean that your spouse is cheating.

17. Your Trucker Takes Their Phone Everywhere!

Even in the bathroom while using the commode or while showering. They tend to do this out of fear, that the mistress/lover may send that one message or attempt that call in that single moment that they have stepped away.

This being the number one reason that they take it with them. On the flip side of fear, they also use this behind locked door time/technique to send out those quick messages to the mistress/lover knowing that they can send in secrecy and not have to worry about being caught while doing so.

Providing them also with the thrill factor. Human beings in general love thrill factor big or small.  It is in our nature. Your spouse gets a taste of that thrill factor every time that they are being secretive while in attempts to not get caught texting the mistress/lover.

16. Every Little Thing Becomes A BIGGER Than A Semi-Truck!

You will notice that suddenly the very things that were so minuscule for you to even notice you do yourself your spouse is quick to point out. Not only will they point these things out to you, but this, in turn, leads to full-on arguments wherein the end they have that excuse now to leave the home.

Most of the time these arguments are even staged, while your spouse may not know it themselves. Often when your spouse is cheating, they try to look for every little reason to get out, to go run that last-minute errand, etc.

Just so they can get in that phone call or send those texts. Your spouse becomes angry and feels as though they are trapped, leading to this fight. Your spouse now sees you in a different light.

You are no longer the shimmery dream goddess/knight in shining armor you were when you met, you are now being looked at as if you’re the anchor that holds them back to what else there is out there. This is a form of retaliation as well as resentment.

15. Your Trucker’s Intimacy is lost!

Now we all know that sex or making love (whatever you call it) should never be the one thing that any relationship is based upon. Yes, it is an important component, but it should never be the foundation.

You should be concerned if you notice that suddenly your spouse is no longer interested or can’t be bothered with the idea of it. Now if this is not due to any medical or physical condition then this is something that should be grabbing your attention.

It is a sign that there is something going on somewhere else. Your spouse may not have the ability to be intimate with you for many reasons one being, in fear they may say the wrong name, or even for the simple fact that they can’t look at you in that manner anymore.

14. Your Trucker Initiates SEX More Frequently Than Before!

Now, this goes hand in hand with the above. When I state “sex” it is just that. There are no intimate connections during the activity. No kissing, skipping the foreplay and so on.

The affair may have increased your spouse’s sex drive, in the form of a reawakening if you want to call it that. They are suddenly looking for more, and more often than before.

13. Your Husband Accuses You Of Infidelity.

Often when your spouse is having an affair, they will accuse you of cheating for a few reasons; one of the reasons being that it allows them in a subconscious way to justify the actions that they are doing without telling you that they are doing them.

Another reason that your spouse may be unfaithful is that they often think that you might just do or be doing the same thing so why not them too. When the person is cheating it provides them with a thrill or source of adrenaline per se.

They feel like a new person, kind of like how they felt when they first met you.

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